Interview With Actress Bianca Allaine Barnett

March 18, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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I recently had the chance to speak with ‘Albino Farm’ actress Bianca Allaine Barnett. The lovely lady and I had an interesting conversation that I would like to share with you.

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KM “What made you want to become an actress?”

BB “I’m a huge fan of movies, especially independent and art films. I loved the idea of “movie magic” and wanted to learn how to be a part of visual storytelling, so I pursued an acting career.”


KM “How did you start in entertainment?”

BB “I started by modeling and then I had small roles in films. I also worked a bit as a background actor, but now I am working on the educational portion of my craft and studying acting.”

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KM “Your first major role was in he 2007 movie “The Devil’s Muse”, can you tell us a little about your role in the movie?”

BB “I had the opportunity to do some improv during the scenes, which was really liberating and fun for a performer. The funniest memory I have from ‘The Devil’s Muse’ is lying at he foot of the apartment staircase for a scene and some man walked by, freaking out and asking if I was okay! I guess he thought I was dead or in serious trouble!”

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KM “Which was your most challenging role and why?”

BB “To be honest, I’ve probably worked on over fifty projects, if you include student films, commercials, tv shows, music videos and projects. All of the roles have been challenging for various reasons, but my role as ‘Pig Bitch’ (Albino Farm) was the most physically demanding. I had to wear five pounds of prosthetic makeup on my head and run around in the woods barefoot in skimpy clothing for hours for almost a month.”

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KM ” What do you have coming out in 2015?”

BB “I actually have several films coming out in 2015! The first is a comedy called ‘Drive to Succeed’. Then there is ‘Noirland’, which is a thriller and my third collaboration with Ramzi Abed. I am also hosting the horror documentary ‘Blood On the Reel’. I have a part in the horror anthology ‘Terrortory’. Also, the ‘World Of Death’ DVD featuring ‘Web Of Deceit’ (a Psycho-sexual thriller directed by my husband, Michael Kyne) is coming out this year.”


KM “What’s next for you?”

BB “Right now I am in pre-production for the second season of my vidcast ‘Watch These Films With Bianca Allaine’. Also, I ‘m working on a podcast that will air weekly and I’m sure I will be working on a few other projects before the end of the year.

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Be sure to check out Bianca’s projects and follow her on FaceBook.

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‘Driven To Succeed’ :

‘Terrortory’ :

‘Blood On The Reel’ :

‘Noirland’ :


‘Albino Farm Trailer’ (2009)



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