Movie Review : ‘Out Of The Dark’ (2015) Starring Julia Stiles

April 12, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Sarah (Julia Stiles), her husband Paul (Scott Speedman) and their young daughter relocate to Columbia when Sarah takes a job at her father’s paper plant. Sarah has no idea that her father, played by Stephen Rea (Underworld: Awakening), is hiding a dark secret that is about to put Sarah and Paul’s daughter Hannah in serious danger at the hands of angry spirits . Sarah and Paul must uncover the truth and find their daughter before it’s to late.

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Director Luis Quilez brings this supernatural thriller to life. ‘Out of the Dark’ was written by Javier Gullon (Enemy), David Pastor (Carriers) and Alex Pastor (The Last Days).

In ‘Out of the Dark’ legend meets horror to create a truly intense supernatural film. ‘Out of the Dark’ reinforces the idea that nothing good can come of burying a secret, which will always come back to haunt us. There are few things I find creepier than children in horror movies. The grotesque, deformed ghost children that targeted Hannah are seriously disturbing. The cast of ‘Out of the Dark’ did a great job, but Pixie Davies, who played young Hannah, and the children actors are truly impressive. It’s hard to believe that such young children could play dark roles so convincingly. ‘Out of the Dark’ is certainly worth watching.

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‘Out of the Dark’ is now out on DVD and can be found at most retailers and movie sites.



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