Does Shark Lake Bite ? (Review)

May 4, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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shark lk

Dolph Lundgren, Sara Malakul Lane, Lily Brooks O’Brian, James Chalke, Michael Aaron Milligan and Ibrahim Renno star in the shark thriller Shark Lake. Directed by Jerry Dugan and written by David Anderson and Gabe Burnstein, Shark Lake centers on officer Meredith Hernandez, a single mother raising Carley (O’Brian), her young daughter. Meredith’s life is thrown into chaos when she learns that her ex Clint (Lundgren), has been released from prison and is back in town. Clint was arrested for smuggling exotic animals, but Meredith and the small lake-side town have no idea that before he was arrested Clint released a pregnant shark into the lake. Not only is it thriving, its pups are grown and hungry. A mob boss won’t leave Clint alone until he gets the shark he is owed. Meanwhile, the three large sharks are eating both residents and vacationers visiting the lake. Meredith, with the help of a visiting doctor, is determined to hunt the sharks down.


Let me say this, I am a big fan of Lundgren. The man is brilliant, he went to M.I.T. for god’s sake. But man, does he have bad taste in films. Well, he got a few right, Rocky IV, Universal Soldier, Johnny Mnemonic and The Expendables, all great films. But the rest, Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016), Command Performance, Missionary Man, Blackjack ?  This man has talent, he’s badass and he’s super intelligent, he should be making decent films. (Sorry for the rant)


I could sit here and explain everything that was wrong with the film but you’d be reading this review for hours. I could tell you it’s a story about a man trying to redeem himself or how it’s about the battle between man and beast, but that doesn’t really matter.  Let’s cut to the chase Shark Lake was extremely predictable. The acting was horrible, on everyone’s part. The special effects were so bad, even the folks at the SyFy channel would be ashamed to air it, and that’s pretty bad (look at the shark below, look at it’s face. Seriously?). It wasn’t even so bad it was good (think Sharknado). It was just bad. What makes it even worse, is that this brilliant man not only starred in it, he served as executive producer. He could do so much better.

shark lake

Sorry Dolph.

If you really feel the need to watch Shark Lake it now out on DVD and is available on Netflix.

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