Young Woman Dies During Real Life Exorcism

June 11, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Movies like The Exorcist, and The Conjuring put on quite a show when it comes the subject of exorcism, but for some, it can be all too real.

Jaqueline Sanchez was 22-year-old years old when her family first reported that she was possessed by a demon. The Mirror reports that her symptoms began shortly after playing with a Ouija board.


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The young woman’s parents told local news reporters that Jaqueline began suffering from random convulsions and bouts of hysteria. After examining the women, doctors reported that they could not find the source of her symptoms. Her parents, not knowing what else to do, next took their daughter to the Church of San Ignacio de Velasco where she reportedly levitated off of a table and spoke in a man’s deep voice. During the exorcism that followed, Juaqueline lost her life.

After an autopsy, the cause of her death was determined to be cardio respiratory arrest. Noting that aside from some cuts and bruises, they could find no major trauma. Her death has been listed as “natural causes”. But was it? Could her battle with a supernatural entity have been the cause of her death?


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It’s not unheard of for exorcisms to still take place. Often, the real source of the victim’s troubles are mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder or a long list of other underlying issues. There are those that do believe that possession is very real, and maybe it is. Hopefully neither you nor I will ever have to find out the hard way.


To the family of Jaqueline Sanchez, we send our sympathies, may she rest in peace.


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