Sadistic Soccer Sociopath Signs Contract

March 16, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

I am a huge sports fan. Obviously (adhering to the overwhelming Canadian stereotype) I love to watch and play hockey. Football, softball, basketball, MMA, and various other sports are always on my radar.  One sport I just can’t get into is soccer (or futball for all you purists out there).  But something has happened in the wide world of sports that has made it impossible to ignore this boring spectacle.  If you like soccer more power to you, I wish I did, and I wish you all the best…unless you are cheering for the Boa Esporte Clube in Brazil.  This team just signed a new goalie named Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza.
I don’t know if that name is familiar to anyone, but he was in the news back in 2010 for murdering and torturing his girlfriend to keep her pregnancy from his wife. Oh, he also fed her body to his dogs.
So here’s the story, His mistress, Eliza Samudio, came to him one day and said she was pregnant with Bruno’s child.  He denied this and she promised to prove it after the baby was born and that she expected child support.  His solution was to not let the baby be born.  Samudio was kidnapped and tortured before being murdered and chopped into small pieces for dog food.  Anything the dogs didn’t eat was buried under concrete.
Bruno was found guilty of murder, kidnapping, hiding a body, forming a criminal gang (conspiracy), assault, torture, and corrupting minors — he had his 17-year old cousin help with the kidnapping.  While serving his 22-year sentence, Bruno attempted suicide twice.
I am no math wiz, but the murder was in 2010 and he is a free man in 2017…as far as I know, that’s not even close to his full term and suicide attempts don’t bode well for being released due to good behavior.  This sadistic murderer is out free because of habeas corpus (a recourse in law whereby a prisoner can report unlawful detention or imprisonment).  Apparently it was taking too long for the courts to appeal Bruno’s case and so now he is out free and playing professional soccer again.  I am baffled.  Flabbergasted. Flummoxed. Dumfounded….and may other things.  This dude tortured, murdered and made dog food from his pregnant girlfriend and is out on prison fully employed and getting significant payment as a pro athlete.  Ridiculous.
Way to play the system, buddy.

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