Has Neill Blomkamp Chosen His Next Feature Film?

January 14, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Throughout 2017 Neill Blomkamp released a series of intense, fantastic short horror film through Oats Studios. The titles included Rakka, Firebase, Zygote, and Lima. Each with a sci-fi horror feel.
Back in July during our interview with Blomkamp, he revealed plans to turn at least one of his short films into a feature film.

 These are ideas. They are sort of vignettes into the world of ‘Zygote’, or the world of ‘Firebase’, or the world of ‘Rakka’. Once we make them and see how they look and how they feel and how the online audience responds to them, we can choose which one we feel like turning into a feature film. At this point, I don’t think that any footage or pieces that we have already shot would be used in the feature film. They are more like informative, tonal, references for writing new scripts and new stories.”

It appears that Blomkamp has narrowed it down to Firebase or Zygote as the first to become a full-length film. He even took to Twitter with a poll asking fans to vote on which they would like to see as a feature first. Firebase won with 51% of the votes.

Even if he goes forward with Firebase, hopefully, Zygote, Lima and Rakka will at some point become feature films as well. They are all fantastic. I will admit, Firebase is my personal. Blomkamp confessed to us that it is his favorite as well.

 I think my favorite is probably ‘Firebase’. I really love ‘Firebase’. I like the claustrophobic, personal feeling of ‘Zygote’. But the world of ‘Firebase’ is very interesting.”

In Firebase, while fighting the Vietnam war, both sides face a new kind of threat that neither of them were prepared for. Steve Boyle stars.

Jose Pablo Cantillo and Dakota Fanning star in Zygote. The two find themselves stranded in an Arctic mine where they are the lone survivors. They are forced to fight for their lives, evading and hiding from a new kind of terror.

You can read our full interview with Neill Blomkamp HERE.

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