New Horror Wrestling Movie PARTS UNKNOWN Enters The Ring

January 17, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Wrestling and horror goes together like peanut-butter and chocolate (or for a more morbid example, like horny camp counselors and machetes.) Elaborate origin stories, crazy costumes, and of course all the bone rattling, chair swinging, ladder elbow dropping violence you can handle. Suffice to say when word got round of new wrestling horror movie “PARTS UNKOWN” I got excited.

   Currently in post production, the film from “GILGAMESH” director Richard Chandler is scheduled to drop this spring. Released by the Boston Film Family, a Massachusetts based production company who specializes in grind house releases, the film will feature Chandler’s “signature use of unusual characters, bizarre scenarios, and stylized violence.”
I’m not personally familiar with Chandler’s work, but the man certainly has moxy. Wrestling saw something of an uptick in 2017 with the release of Netflix series “GLOW”, and a horror film starring sexy badass ladies in spandex might be just the thing to capitalize on the resurgence. With the film releasing in just a few short months, we won’t have to wait long to check out “PART’S UNKOWN” either.

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