Possible Charges For ‘Dumbest Criminal’ Logan Paul

January 17, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Logan Paul, disgraced YouTuber, overnight has-been, internet nobody, and now the “Dumbest Criminal” in Japan’s history. Earlier this month, Japanese police announced they wanted to talk to Paul in regards to the video of him and his friends filming the body of a suicide victim while joking about it. Though the original controversy surrounded him using the victim as a prop it turned out he used Japan as a whole as a prop for his vlogs and as a result, he’s possibly facing four misdemeanor charges mainly involving disturbing the peace and traffic violations. An ex-detective gave Paul the title of being the “dumbest criminal” because he willingly filmed himself breaking the law, you can see a “highlight reel” put together by Nextshark below.
The Japanese criminal justice system is way different than the US’s; you’re guilty until proven innocent. Before you go “That’s barbaric and wrong!” here’s why, the Japanese police and Japanese society as a whole has a thing about public disturbances that we’re used to, perfect example is public intoxication; if you’re sitting on a park bench drunk an officer or two may stop by and ask you to move along (go home), if you don’t…they’ll keep asking you to while remaining calm and usually they end up calling a taxi but if you keep pressing their buttons, you’ll go to jail which is the last resort for the Police who were trying to avoid making a scene in the first place.
Japanese courts are said to have a 98% conviction rate, the most simplified way to describe it is this; you clearly did something wrong to have been arrested. Most of the time when someone is arrested it’s because they were caught red-handed. If Paul is charged he’s most likely looking at fines and a strong possibility of being banned from the country.
Japanese law enforcement and local courts are flexing their judiciary muscles more than ever with the upcoming 2020 Olympic summer games in Tokyo where locals are both excited for the boost in tourism and worried about unruly tourists and athletes. Paul has made a statement for the first time since his last teet on Twitter that he deserves a second chance.
A perfect example of how public drunkenness is handled.


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