Logan Paul Uses Suicide Victim’s Corpse As A Prop For New Video

January 2, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Youtube celebrity Logan Paul became the world’s most hated person two days into 2018. Paul ‘s claim to fame began with comedic Vine videos he made with his brother, Jake before the two moved to Youtube and became “Internet Famous”, a term often used to describe Youtube fame.

I promise this is the only Logan Paul picture I’ll use.

Some of the  following information may be considered disturbing.

A makeshift noose left behind, sometimes authorities leave them behind after they cut down the body and volunteers come in and remove them.

On December 31st, 2017, Paul posted a vlog (video blog) of him and his friends going to Aokigahara, Japan’s famed “Suicide Forest” where people often go to commit suicide in the dense forest. The vlog, as he reportedly stated in the video was to be a “funny vlog”, so going to a place known for mass suicides is the best choice (I’m being very facetious).

The forest floor of Aokigahara is full of rocks, like Logan Paul’s head

While in the forest, Paul and crew came across the remains of a young man hanging from a tree. The face was blurred out but you can clearly see the body slumped against a tree. Paul who’s wearing a hat of the little green alien toy from Disney’s Toy Story (Both Logan and Jake Paul were associated with Disney at one point) is seen “acting” shocked. I put that in quotes because while Paul is filming himself looking shocked, one of his friends behind him is looking at the camera smiling giving the feeling that the reaction was not genuine (Paul in the past has admitted he’s been taking drama lessons for youtube films)

Geologist Azusa Hayano who studies the volcanic rocks in the Suicide Forest examines an effigy left behind by a troubled soul. Via VICE

Paul films himself and then the body and back to himself still acting shocked. It’s said he goes into a pretentious talk about suicide prevention and getting help with depression all the while his friends are walking around smiling and laughing. Later, after his attempt to appear human, Paul and company start joking around Next to the body itself. Later they’re in the parking lot of the park and Paul starts to get drunk on Saki and explains he laughs and jokes around as a way to cope. Normal people for the most part never joke around a corpse they just found in the middle of the woods, this isn’t Swiss Army Man!

A sign by one of the main paths in Aokigahara pleading to would be victims of suicide to reconsider their choice.

This is not the first time the Paul’s were met with controversy. This would be Logan’s second time he made people angry when he posted a video of himself wearing glasses that correct colorblindness and internet sleuths called him out on it, should note that the Paul’s are known for “Click-bait”. They follow the trends and use the right wording to attract people to their videos, the colorblind video was around the time other color blind videos came out. Logan’s brother Jake has his share of controversy ranging from Xenophobia, holding money from members of his group Team 10 and kicking a female YouTuber he was dating out of the Team 10 house when she found out he cheated on her.
Before people go off on me about “jumping on the bandwagon” with attacking Paul’s actions just for views or likes let me be clear; this subject hits very close to where I live. I suffered from Clinical Depression (since I was 14) and most of my life has been one big What the F(eck) moment after another due to medications and long periods of time of me trying to get out of my own head so I don’t head towards suicide which I’ve considered a few times over the years.

Hard to believe that a place that’s so beautiful can be part of something so ugly.

I’m lucky enough that I can pull myself out of that feeling while others are not. I’ve had friends confide in me in the past about their worries of depression or the sudden death of a friend that was a suicide. As you can see I’m pretty open about my Depression because the more I’m open about it the more people can understand it and importantly the more likely it can help others, not exploit it for views like Logan Paul.
If you feel as though you want to hurt yourself, I beg that you stay with us. Talk to someone, anyone here’s a link to an online chat at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, if the chat is not working call them at 1-800-273 TALK (8255)
A copy of the original can be seen here, Content Warning: Disturbing images. If the video does not work you can check out the one below that has clips from this.

This video by Youtuber Kavos responding to the video with clips of the original that was heavily censored by Kavos.


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