The Many F-cks: Review Of ‘Dead List’

April 9, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

High Octane Picture’s Dead List is about an actor named Cal, played by Dean Sullivan (Pithuahua) who discovers a magical book whereby writing the names of rival actors in it, curses them to die. He and his fellow actors/rivals, the ladies man Zander played by Director Matt Fowler (Dynasty Warriors 9, Legend of the demon cat, The Bride), big jerk Scott played by Nick Bandera, stoner surfer drug dealer Kush played by Rob Healy (Corey and Lucas for the win, Broken at Love), and broken hearted Jason played by Eric Pierce (My crazy Ex, 6 Ways to Die, The Eastsider), and recovering addict Bob played by Josh Eichenbaum (In the company of Strangers, The traveling Traveler, Detective Professor Chiklis MD)  are competing for a role in an upcoming film that can make their careers.

Along with his successful friend and fellow actor Trevor, played by Jan-David Soutar (YouTube Assassin, Banshee, The Guide), Cal writes the names of the other actors into the mysterious book that fell on his car and one by one they die in strange ways. The film is labeled as a comedy but part of me feels like that was an afterthought once the rushes where seen as the film felt that it was trying to be serious.

Some of the special effects were decent and some parts were entertaining, Eric Pierce and Josh Eichenbaum seemed to be the only actors in the film who were trying to act. The story overall was unoriginal with a book falling out of the sky and whoever’s name is written in it dies… Death Note much? The script showed weak creativity as it seemed that nearly most of the dialogue consisted of the actors saying “F-ck” every other word, convincing me that either the script was written by a middle schooler or competing to beat out Wolf of Wallstreet’s record of using the f-word.
If you like cheesy indie-films trying to look like they’re from the 90’s this is for you. Dead List hit’s shelves on May 1st.

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