The Four Horsemen Can’t Enjoy Retirement In Webtoon, ‘Apocalyptic Horseplay’

May 20, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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What do you get when you have a cantankerous motley crew like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in retirement, a nosey journalist student, and the antichrist rolled into one story? You get the Webtoon Apocalyptic Horseplay by artist Boredman.
The story follows Angela, a former journalist student who’s trying to make a name for herself by investigating a strange newspaper that only reports positive news. She soon finds that the authors of the paper are the Four Horsemen who have retired and renounced their ways and wish to live quietly in England.

Via: Boredman

The discovery soon sparks unwanted attention from a secretive society of monster hunters and a child who is the antichrist. It should be noted that a couple of the characters who appear in Apocalyptic Horseplay have appeared first in another one of Boredman’s comics, Undeaded, which is another excellent Webtoon!
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via: Boredman

With a dark fantasy story told through a picturesque style that resembles Disney, Apocalyptic Horseplay is an amazing read that will keep you wanting more. You can start reading it HERE. If you’re interested in Undeaded you can click HERE. If you wish to support Boredman’s work you can check out his Patreon HERE. Finally, if you want to see some of Boredman’s other illustrations and past works, you can check out his site HERE.

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