A Recap: The Last Episode For Rick Grimes??

November 5, 2018


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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“The final season for Rick Grimes.” “The Final episode for Rick Grimes.” That’s what we have been hearing for months. But it’s no surprise that AMC has pulled a dirty little trick again. When a show not only announces that their star is leaving but used it as an advertising point, well it sounded shady from the get-go.
In case you missed it, thinking he wouldn’t survive his injury from falling onto the rebar and being followed by a massive horde of walkers, Rick blew up the bridge insight of the group who are fighting to get to him. While the gang thinks Rick is dead he’s not. Instead of being blown up on the bridge he somehow survived and is rescued by Jadis and put on a mysterious helicopter.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick GrimesSeason 9, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

This is not the first time the series has played games with our emotions. Remember when Glenn hid under a dumpster leaving fans to wonder if he was dead or alive only to get his head bashed in by Negan a couple of episodes later? In my opinion, the twist is downright dirty. Something tells me fans aren’t going to be happy. Viewers are already jumping ship like the show was the Titanic. This could mean the end for the series. And maybe it should be. The show has run its course, they’ve killed off most of the characters we care about and let’s be honest, it’s been going downhill for several seasons.
So, what does the future hold for Rick? According to Scott Gimple, Rick’s story will continue in the form of AMC Original films, but Andrew Lincoln has said goodbye to the show.
A few other things happened in the episode. Maggie faced Negan with every intention of killing him but didn’t. When he begged her to kill him she realized that Rick was right to keep him alive because Negan is suffering, he’s a broken man, and it’s a far more severe punishment than death.
We also learned that Jadis had some kind of deal with whoever is flying the helicopter, which is how she rescued Rick.
How do you feel about what happened? Will you continue to watch “The Walking Dead?”

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