Come Aboard Justin Dix’s ‘Blood Vessel’ For A First Look

June 2, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email:




The first images from Crawlspace director Justin Dix’s new horror film Blood Vessel (a title that fits in more ways than one) are here teasing a terrifying voyage for an unlucky group stranded at sea.


Nathan Phillips, Alyssa Sutherland, Christopher Kirby, and John Lloyd Fillingham star in the film set somewhere in the North Atlantic, in 1945. A life raft adrift at sea, and in it, the survivors of a torpedoed hospital ship: With no food, water, or shelter, all seems lost – until an abandoned German minesweeper drifts towards them, giving them a chance at survival.

As they explore the ship, it becomes all too clear that some diabolical fate has befallen its German crew. The mystery only deepens when they encounter a young Romanian girl, who leads them to a locked storage room in the bowels of the vessel. Inside, a frantic German sailor and a haul of Nazi treasure, including the ancient sarcophagi of two long-dead vampires…”


Co-written by Justin Dix and Jordan Prosser, Blood Vessel is produced by Wicked of OZ.



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