Preview: Welcome Autumn With The ‘Moon Festival’ Box From BOKKSU

September 3, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

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It’s September and even though the weather may say its still summer, our hearts are in fall. What’s not to love about autumn? Cooler nights, leafs changing colors, pumpkin/apple/maple flavored things, and the fact of knowing that Halloween is around the corner!





Also, one thing many people like about fall is all the harvest festivals. As much as I love a traditional harvest festival, it gets kind of boring. Well, BOKKSU was awesome enough to send me a preview of their upcoming Moon Festival box!

BOKKSU is a monthly subscription like a lot of those box sites, but this one sends you snacks directly from Japan! Each month the box is themed and for September, the theme is based on the traditional Japanese Moon viewing festival (also known as Tsukimi, Otsukimi, or Jugoya). This year the celebration is on September 13th to the 16th. The festival is to celebrate the arrival of the fall harvest moon and to welcome autumn.



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Inside this box (the BOKKSU classic size) there are around 21 snack items. Don’t worry, there’s a guide book included that explains the theme of the box as well as each individual item and where in Japan it comes from! There are a couple of little cheesecakes, chocolate covered red beans, a couple of little mochis (sticky rice) balls, two different kinds of teas that you have to brew yourself, two honey-soy sauce sesame crackers, and more!






There’s a smaller box option if you’re someone who just wants a taste of Japanese snack food, and for you vegetarians out there, yes, there’s a box for you too.

The box and its contents are amazing! The snacks overall taste great and the pairing guide in the little booklet helped make this gastronomic journey a smooth ride! Whether you’re a Japanophile like me, a foodie, a curious soul, and yes… a weeaboo, then this box is for you! If you missed out on this box, get ready, next month’s box is Halloween themed, and if you thought Americans loved Halloween…



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