Season 3 Of Interactive Series “Artificial” Premieres Tonight On Twitch

May 21, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Season 3 of the one of a kind, Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning, LIVE, interactive sci-fi series “Artificial” premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm PST exclusively on Twitch, produced entirely remotely.

This is NOT a choose-your-own-adventure. It is not an individual experience – it is an experience shared by the audience as a collective. Everyone watching shares the story and has the opportunity to profoundly influence it by asking questions and voting on polls. Since the audience can chat live with each other on Twitch, this also means they share the experience with each other. The audience is a community.

Season 3, “Artificial: Remote Intelligence,” will take a step forward with a bold new sci-fi vision and groundbreaking new interactive methods, including a new polling method, audience-controlled musical score, ability to jump through multiple live sets and revolutionary new interactive Worldbuilding episodes that allow viewers to dictate aspects of the production including the casting of new characters, story, and set design. In addition, this season will be entirely remote, with each character in their own dynamic set.

Season 3 will take the most decorated interactive series of 2019 one more huge step forward, presenting a new level of interactive innovation that could ONLY be done on TWITCH.

Season 3, “Artificial: Remote Intelligence,” will follow Elle (Christy St. John), a brand new character in the world of “Artificial.” Elle is a wildly idealistic and brilliant young scientist who is leading a live-streamed experience to help an artificial intelligence, “SV3” (Tiffany Chu), become human, using the help of the Twitch audience to do so. She’s vibrant, bold, and a bit quirky: a perfect match for Twitch.

Still licking the wounds suffered from the fall of Sophie Version 2 (“SV2”), who the audience decided should be deactivated, Sebastian (Stephen Chang) and his organization see an opportunity to relaunch a new Artificial Intelligence is using the technology that Dr. Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) first used to bring Sophie to life.

After installing a blank slate consciousness into Sophie’s old shell, “SV3” is activated and quarantined to a single home. Not wanting to repeat the same mistake of AI homicide that her predecessor Sophie (SV2) made, Sebastian rules that no humans are allowed to physically interact with SV3. He hires Elle, a cognitive science graduate student, to help raise this isolated SV3 in front of a live Twitch audience.

Season 3 features a new dynamic polling mechanism that shows the audience exactly how much time they have left to make important decisions. The audience-controlled and AI-driven musical scoring via LifeScore, co-founded by composer Philip Sheppard and Tom Gruber, CTO, and head of design for Siri. It also has new worldbuilding episodes that give even more power to the audience to transform the story in unexpected ways such as casting, character creation, set design, and more.

Check out the new season 3 trailer and head to Twitch for the premiere tonight (May 21st).


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