Short Film Review: Disco Graveyard (2020)

The one and only Izzy Lee (Innsmouth) is back with her latest short film Disco Graveyard; a stock footage soiree swan diving into a fever dream!

Created in a punk rock, found art style, Disco Graveyard could be boiled down as such; it’s a commencement speech intended for the Children of the Damned. As each carefully selected image flashes before our putrid peepers, it is Izzy herself (if you’re keeping score at home; Lee wrote, directed, produced, and stars in this flick) that delivers strangely comforting platitudes (for example: “Don’t be dead, the dead are dumb. Be weird”) that espouse how it is a good thing to be a complete weirdo (a parable your’s cruelly surely takes to my lil’ ol’ black heart).

Also on hand is an excellent score by Lee’s long-time composer Shayne Gryn, and some impressive editing courtesy of  Michael J. Epstein (Blood of the Tribades).

To sum it up, these are the words of wisdom folks should, but seldom, hear; be yourself… don’t conform… that’s where true beauty lie. Additionally there is a devil and a Ouija board so fuck yeah!




Disco Graveyard is currently on the festival circuit.



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