Survive With Friends In ‘Monstrum 2’

June 18, 2020

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Junkfish announced the sequel to their first-person horror survival game Monstrum will be coming out on PC later in 2020 and will be multiplayer.





In Monstrum 2 four players have to escape from a floating fortress in the middle of the ocean while one plays the monster that stalks and kills them.  The levels in the game much like the first will generate randomly adding to the stress of veteran players.





Four players can be Prisoners who need to use teamwork to solve puzzles, clear obstacles, and to open new areas where they can scavenge for items that will help them outwit the monster that stalks them. Stealth is key to the player’s survival as they must hide and distract the monster.





The lucky player that gets to be the Monster will have their choice of what monster to terrorize their friends with as each monster has its own unique ability. Some of these abilities will allow the player to smash through walls, climb on ceilings, leap long distances, and teleport right to the survivors!





Players can join the Closed Beta and can pre-purchase Monstrum 2 at a special discount that will also include bonus content and early access to the game.


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