Adrian Glynn McMorran Sheds Light On His Roles In ‘Volition’ And “Arrow”

July 12, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Adrian Glynn McMorran stars in director and co-writer Tony Dean Smith’s soon to be released film Volition. I sat down with McMorran to discuss his role in the sci-fi action thriller about a man who sees glimpses of the future and sets out to save a young woman, played by Magda Apanowicz.



McMorran is not new to exciting films, he’s appeared in films like The Revenant and Warcraft. But you will probably most recognize the talented actor from his role as Michael Amar aka Murmur on CW’s “Arrow.”


Horror Fuel: “You did a nice run on Arrow as Murmur. What was that experience like?”


McMorran: “It was really cool. For some reason on TV, I end up playing a lot of bad guys. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s weird because like in the theater world when I do stage stuff I’m more like a Max Glee kind of guy. I guess I look mean on camera. Arrow was fun because I play Murmur, who stitches his own mouth shut. I get to be extremely intimidating just through head movements and physicality.”


Horror Fuel: “Bad guys need love too [laughter]. Arrow is a really big series and you got play a creative character. That’s awesome.




Horror Fuel: “I watched Volition last night. I enjoyed it. It has to be difficult to film something that has so many layers. Especially with time travel involved.”

McMorran: “It was very complicated. Luckily, Tony the director – you would think he’d get confused sometimes and lost sometimes, but there was never a moment on set or before or after filming where he didn’t know exactly what was happening, what each character was thinking or doing. It was very impressive.”



Horror Fuel: “Volition brings up the old question of fate vs free will a lot. Which do you believe is at work in our lives?”


McMorran: “It does. Honestly, I don’t think I can you a definitive answer that I could fall on.  I think, similarly to the movie, I’m conflicted in believing in fate. That book Siddhartha life is talked about like a river that has different tributaries that go in different directions that you can choose, that eventually, they will all empty out into the same sea. That’s how I kind of think about things. I believe we have all these choices in our lives that we can basically go along and that it will take us down different tributaries to the same place.”


Horror Fuel: “It’s definitely an interesting thought.

What would you say was your favorite part of filming?”


McMorran: “I feel fortunate to have worked with everybody we had, specifically the cast. A lot of these guys like the Cassini brothers, John and Frank, and Paunovic, are some of the best actors you could ever have from Canada. It felt really special to work with actors of that caliber.”


Horror Fuel: “They are great actors.

If you had to describe the film to someone who has not seen it in three words, what would they be?”


McMorran: “I need to think about that for a second. It would be ‘mind-twisting thriller.’


Horror Fuel: “That’s a good choice and I’d say it’s accurate as well.

How did you prepare for Volition?”


McMorran: “There was quite a lot of prep. I always do a lot of time thinking about the characters’ back story while I’m going through the script and analyzing scene by scene. But that’s the normal work. What made this film different is because it’s so complex, especially for my character. And I knew we wouldn’t be filming in order, that’s always a bit difficult. I knew I had to work out some sort of system so that any given day and shooting any given scene that I was filming. I came up with this whole like chart where I had it figured out on number scales where he was and physically and where he was mentally, like it could be four in the morning and we’re going to shoot scene 29-A and I could go to my chart and see where he is, what’s hurting him, and where’s his mind at, and  I could jump into the scene. That really ended up saving because the character in times is in various degrees of stress. It gave him a bit more of an arch and let me know exactly where he was in his journey.”


Horror Fuel: “The film was very intense for your character, James. I imagine that filming was tough, knowing that it’s shot out of order. Watching it, you have to feel bad for James.”


McMorran: “Why do you feel bad for him?”


Horror Fuel: “He makes terrible choices, but he’s had it rough from the get-go. But I also think what his foster father said is true, he could have changed his circumstance. But I get it, if I could see the future I’d gamble too.”


McMorran: “Yeah, exactly. I think he got a rough start and he’s just kind of coasting. I don’t think he’s ever really seen much for himself because with his visions he’s never bothered to try. Now that he has a mission. he’s finally trying.”


Horror Fuel: “I believe you’re right. Seeing the future is a great talent to have though.

Do you see any of yourself in him?”


McMorran: “I think the fact that he’s feeling kind of hopeless and complacent and not in control of things, sadly enough is something I think a lot of people will understand. Actors, as artists, don’t have a lot of control over what happens they don’t typically write what they are saying, they’re being told what to do, where to stand. As the artist that I am, I can relate to that feeling of pessimism and feeling of lack of control.”


Horror Fuel: “I understand it.

Where can fans see you next?”


McMorran: “Before Covid, I had a lot of live stuff coming up, my bands touring and that sort of stuff. The film industry is just at the beginning of opening back up. Right now my focus is on my music. This Covid time has been pretty productive for me.”



We can’t wait to see what Adrian Glynn McMorran does next. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see what he is working on and when you can see his upcoming films and series. Volition is now out on Apple TV, Prime, and Digital. Check it out!


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