Cult Leader’s Remains Found Being Worshiped

May 11, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

On Wednesday, April 28th, the Saguache County Sheriff’s office got a call about a death at a home in the sleepy town of Moffat, Colorado. A corporal with the department made it to the house and executed a search of the property later to be discovered to be owned and inhabited by members of Love Has Won, a new-age cult.

On the property, there was a mobile home that was transformed into a makeshift shrine where the remains of a mummified corpse missing its eyes, skin turned gray, and the lips peeling back showing teeth. Around the eyeless sockets was glitter makeup. The body was in a sleeping back wrapped in Christmas lights. The remains are believed to be the cult’s leader Amy Carlson known to her followers as Mother-God.
Seven people living in the house were charged with abuse of a corpse as well as child endangerment as two children were found to be living in the house that’s owned by one of the cultists. The charges against the seven members are expected to be upgraded to more serious charges at a later time.

Love Has Won is a new-age religion with no official set of beliefs as the group’s theology revolves around many topics mainly philosophy, conspiracy theories, and worshiping Carlson who they believed was a divine being who is over 19 billion years old and has been reincarnated 534 times, one of her past lives being Jesus Christ, can speak to the dead, and cure cancer. The group has been accused by past members as well as the families of current members of physical and mental abuse and taking money from members. Carlson would preach to her followers through social media and YouTube videos where they ask for monetary donations.

a protest sign back when the cult lived in Hawaii, the locals were not having it.

In September of 2020, it was announced that Carlson possibly had cancer and was paralyzed from the waist down. Authorities believed that she died March of this year in California in the cult’s previous residence before leaving for Colorado. Authorities believed Carlson ingested large amounts of Colloidal Silver which the cult tried to sell as a cure for Covid-19. Carlson’s estranged son has accused the cult of letting his mother die of her ailments instead of getting her proper medical care. Carlson joined the cult in 2006 after abandoning her family and climbed up the ranks to become the cult’s leader.

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