Movie Review: Son (2021)

May 15, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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How far would you go to save your child? That’s the question posed in writer-director Ivan Kavanagh’s horror-thriller Son. In the film, a young boy contracts a mysterious illness, experiencing horrific pain and seizures. His mother, Laura (Andi Matichak) must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past.
I can’t imagine how terrified Laura was throughout the film, but I do know how well Andi Matichak played the role. She really put her heart into making Laura feel authentic and the emotional chaos Laura experiences feels real. Laura is a strong character with an interesting and horrific backstory. She’s a character you can both find sympathetic and see her strength. And her character development was nicely done.
As for detective Paul, Emile Hirsch had me fleeced up to the last moments of the film. I did not see that twist coming, and I should have and it was a great idea. Hirsch did a fantastic job. You, know what, the entire cast did well, especially young actor Luke David Blumm. Luke played David, such an intense, emotional role and he did it so well, which is impressive seeing that he’s only 12. To top it off, Blumm’s role is a very physical one with David frequently having seizures. Most adult actors would have trouble pulling that off. Bravo kid, bravo.
While much of Son plays out like a cult thriller, it’s not until the second half that we learn exactly what kind of cult Laura has fled, a demonic/satanic one. That’s when the whole film breaks out the horror and the spilling of blood really begins. Things get really interesting. You see, Laura’s not just fleeing a regular old cult, she was at the center of it (not by her choice) and there’s a reason her son’s condition is even more troublesome. It all has to do with who David’s father is and the way he is introduced was a bit of a surprise.
There was a lot of fake blood spilled in Son, a lot of wound makeup, and one sweet supernatural entity. I really find it interesting that we never see the villain’s face, but the makeup it does have is great. I’m guessing they avoided showing his face to save on special effects, but I think that never seeing his full face was actually a great idea for another reason. No makeup or effect can equal the horror we can create in our minds. And I think the director and FX people know that. What we do see is enough to keep us interested without stealing away our own vision.
The story, while supernatural, is at heart all about this kid and his mom and the things she’s struggling with while trying to protect and save him. While the events in the film are filled with horror, it’s really all about love. It’s both heartbreaking and bloody which can be a very successful combo. In this case, it makes for a bloody good film.
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