Familial Horror Reigns in “Tales from Black Manor” Series

July 3, 2021

Written by Joseph Perry

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Filmmakers Nick Trivundza and Lexie Findarle Trivundza, who work under the shared moniker of Nick + Lexie, have followed up their fun, film-festival favorite throwback action feature Danger! Danger! with Tales from Black Manor, a brand-new three-episode series about a family whose life intertwines with Death himself.

Nick + Lexie welcome you to Black Manor, a world where one of the 7 Books of Death has gone missing, having been handed down through the generations of a family, each searching for and learning its secrets. You can check out the trailer HERE.

Nick + Lexie interviewed each other about Tales from Black Manor, and Horror Fuel is happy to share their thoughts with our readers.

Nick: Let’s pretend we don’t know each other for a second.
Lexie: Okaaaaaay . . .
Nick: What made you want to make this series?
Lexie: We had so much momentum going into our next project — but then 2020! So . . . I wanted to take all of that creative energy we had going and still create something fun, even though most productions had been shut down around the world.
Nick: And since we were using stock and pre-existing materials, with all of the voice talent recordings from their own homes and studios, it was also a really safe way to do that.
Lexie: And it was sort of a mutation of one of the previous projects we had been discussing, a dark Harry Potter or Tim Burtonesque type of film.
Nick: Exactly. The idea of doing a really dark Knockturn Alley or Bellatrix LeStrange film. A horror film set in the Harry Potter universe is sort of the dream right?
Lexie: Exactly.

Cast members include Donnla Hughes as Ivy Black, Paul Haapaniemi as Atticus Black, Briony Rawle as Lilith Black, Holly Standbrook as Anastasia Black, and James Brinkley as Death.

The official Tales from Black Manor website, where the series can be seen: adventurecompany.org/black-manor.

The current release schedule is:

Episode 01: “Legend Has It” – August 2021
Episode 02: “The Book of Death” – September 2021
Episode 03: “How to Live Forever” – October 2021

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