Enjoy Your Coffee With ‘The Cup Of Cthulhu’ By Storm Crow

August 12, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

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It’s no mystery that H.P. Lovecraft liked coffee, it’s actually one of his most know quotes:

I like coffee exceedingly”

And it’s also ironic that across the spot of Lovecraft’s birthplace at 454 Angell Street in Providence Rhode Island is a Starbucks. So what more could a fan of both Lovecraft and Coffee want? How about The Cup of Cthulhu by Storm Crow a chain of Nerd-Bars in Canada that caters to us who love pop culture and want to break away from the typical bar scene.

via Storm Crow

This insolated travel mug as you can see is a parody of the Starbucks logo (see above the irony). The cup itself is double-walled steel that keeps your drink hot/cold for eons (well a few hours but we can dream right?). The handle on the top is convenient for if your hands are full and you want to loop your finger through it like Cthulhu’s tendril looping through someone’s sanity, the handle as well as the flap covering the drinking hole, lock into place firmly.
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Giving this bad boy a try I had to improvise because the heat index in my part of NY (at the time of writing this) is in the upper 90’s, so a hot cup of joe was out of the question, so I went with Ice Coffee, and since Storm Crow, a Canadian company, was awesome enough to send me this mug, I thought I should honor them by having the first ceremonial drink be an iced coffee from Tim Hortons! At the time of writing this, it’s been nearly three hours since I put the iced coffee into the cup, and the ice has not melted!

pro tip: ask for an espresso shot…you’re welcome.

With its design and reusability, The Cup of Cthulhu is a great addition to a coffee addict/ Lovecraft fan’s collection, especially if your someone on the go and doesn’t want to use plastics. I highly recommend getting yourself one but you should also check out some of the other products Storm Crow has in their SHOP. Be sure to check out Storm Crow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Discord.

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