Best Demon Hunter Build in Diablo Immortal Season 2

August 11, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.


Shred through hordes of demons in Diablo Immortal with this build.


In Diablo Immortal, players must select six classes before starting the game. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, but each fills a vital role in a party. For this build, we will explore how to optimize the Diablo Immortal Items optimization the Demon Hunter class. As a Demon Hunter, players deal massive damage to groups of enemies while trying to maintain a safe distance from them. Demon Hunters use their skills to consistently deal damage while evading enemies and keeping them locked up. Demon Hunters should keep moving while firing their attacks for maximum efficiency.


This build allows the Demon Hunter to be on the move while striking down demons. It will focus on dealing as much damage as possible with its combination of items and gems. Players should also know how to distribute points for stats to get a good mix of damage and survivability.


Crossbow Shot Demon Hunter Build


Attributes grant characters bonus stats like damage and armor. Knowing which attribute is best for a Demon Hunter to maximize efficiency is important. The game has five attributes: Strength, Vitality, Willpower, Fortitude, and Intelligence. For the Demon Hunter class, Strength is the top priority.


In Diablo Immortal, the Strength attribute increases the damage and Combat Rating of a non- magic character by 1, including the Demon Hunter. The bonus damage applies to all the skills of a character. Prioritizing the Strength attribute translates to greater damage, and that’s the main goal for the Demon Hunter.


The player should prioritize the Fortitude attribute next, as it increases a character’s Armor and Armor penetration stat. This attribute boosts the Demon Hunter’s overall damage while giving him much-needed defense. To give the Demon Hunter more survivability, it’s best to invest in Vitality for that extra 3 Life.


Willpower and Intelligence do not matter much for a Demon Hunter, so getting a good mix of Strength, Fortitude, and Vitality will be the optimal build. Focus on getting Diablo Immortal items that will boost these attributes to get stronger.


Demon Hunter Skills

Diablo Immortal allows players to have one primary and four extra skills at any time. Each class has its set of unique skills that players can choose from. Taking the right combination of skills means better fighting power. This build will focus on allowing the Demon Hunter to freely move while attacking and giving him the tools to keep enemies far away from him.


For primary attacks, the Demon Hunter should take Crossbow Shot instead of Explosive Arrow. This skill is available immediately and will be the bread and butter for this build. It deals serious single-target damage and can be used while moving, thanks to item bonus effects. Explosive Arrow deals more damage but causes the Demon Hunter to stand still before attacking, which could put him in a tight spot.


The skills for this build are Multishot, Rain of Vengeance, Impale, and Vengeance. Multishot is another skill available at level 1. It’s the best multi-target skill for the Demon Hunter. The skill shoots arrows towards an area, damaging a group of enemies. The skill can store up to three charges, making it available for use most of the time.


Rain of Vengeance and Impale are the crowd control skills of the Demon Hunter. These skills and item effects will slow enemies' advance, giving the Demon Hunter time to move towards a safer distance. Rain of Vengeance fires a volley of arrows into the air, which rains down on an area, while Impale is a channeled skill that fires a salvo of knives towards a target area. Using these two skills in tandem can devastate groups of enemies.


Vengeance is the final unlockable skill for a Demon Hunter. It causes the Demon Hunter to transform into an embodiment of vengeance for six seconds. During this time, Crossbow Shot will hit two additional enemies. It also passively grants bonus movement speed to the Demon Hunter, which makes it an extremely powerful buff.


Demon Hunter Items and Gems

Each class in Diablo Immortal has a primary and secondary gear slot. The primary gear slot is for armor and weapons. This slot can be equipped with Legendary items that augment a character's skills. These legendary items can also be socketed with Gems that grant bonus stats and unique effects.


For this build, the primary gear slot should be equipped with these Legendary items:
● Head: Cowl of Focused Hatred
● Chest: Heart of Vengeance
● Shoulder: Hailstone Shoulders
● Main Hand: Flamespite
● Off-hand: The Hungerer
● Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury


Crossbow Shot’s main weakness is its single unit targeting. While Vengeance improves that, it still has a cooldown. However, having The Hungerer as an off-hand weapon eliminates that weakness. This Legendary item makes the arrow from Crossbow Shot pierce through enemies, making it hit enemies past the initial target.


The Cowl of Focused Hatred and Flamespite give Multishot a massive damage boost. The legendary headpiece increases the number of arrows shot by three while Flamespite burns enemies that are hit with the arrows. These two items increase the overall damage by spreading the area and setting enemies on fire, dealing continuous damage.


The Hailstone Shoulders will be the source of crowd control. It gives Rain of Vengeance a frost effect that slows down enemies hit and extra damage, giving time for the Demon Hunter to reposition.


Vengeance is a strong buff that significantly increases the Demon Hunter’s damage per second. This damage can be further increased with the Coff’s Unrelenting Fury item, which adds an extra arrow for every other attack. Meanwhile, Heart of Vengeance decreases its cooldown by 15%, which lessens the time between activation, making sure the Demon Hunter has the buff as often as possible.


These Legendary items can also be socketed with Legendary gems. Aside from the bonus stats, these gems also provide unique effects. These are the best Legendary gems a Demon Hunter could equip on their items.


● Blood-Soaked Jade: Increases all damage dealt by up to 8% (which scales with Life)
and movement speed by 10%.

● Seeping Bile: Grants attacks a 4% chance to poison enemies, dealing damage every
second for 6 seconds. The poison spreads if the target dies.
● Fervent Fang: consecutively attacking an enemy increases the damage they take from
the player by 0.8%, stacking up to 10 times.
● Chained Death: Increases damage dealt by attacks by 1.5% per each target it hits,
stacking up to 4.5% for three targets.
●  Invigoration: Increases the speed of your Primary Skill by 5.5%.
●  Weakening: Gain 6% increased damage for 60 seconds after killing an elite


The secondary gear slot is for equipable items that have Set effects. These Set items activate their bonuses when a player has a specific number of items equipped that belong to the same set.


The best Set for the Demon Hunter is the War Rags of Shal'baas set, which significantly increases the damage output of the primary attack. It increases the damage dealt while increasing the rate at which the Demon Hunter fires Crossbow Shot. These are the set effects of War Rags:

● With two equipped: Increases Primary Attack damage by 15%.
● With four equipped: Primary Attacks increase attack speed by up to 25%.
● With six equipped: Grants Primary Attacks a chance to further increase attack speed.
This effect has a 30-second cooldown.


Paragon Points

When players reach the maximum level in Diablo Immortal (level 60), they start to gain Paragon levels. Each Paragon level gives players Paragon points they can use to upgrade nodes on Paragon trees. Each node will give bonus stats, while activating a whole tree grants bonus effects from specialization nodes. There are six Paragon trees, which unlock at different Paragon levels: Vanquisher and Survivor at level 1, Treasure Hunter at level 50, Gladiator at level 100, and Soldier and Mastermind at level 150. For the Demon Hunter, it’s best to allocate Paragon points towards all damage and armor nodes in all the trees. At earlier levels, it’s best to activate the Vanquisher tree and its specialization nodes to increase damage against large groups of enemies.
As soon as the Gladiator tree unlocks, activate it for more damage. At level 150, reallocate Paragon points to activate the Mastermind tree while taking all damage and armor nodes on the other trees. Activating this tree will increase the overall Diablo Immortal power level of the Demon Hunter against the evil lurking in Diablo Immortal.
Have fun shooting arrows through demons in Diablo Immortal with this build!

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