Lost Ark August-September 2022 Roadmap

August 11, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

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The August-September Roadmap is now available for players to see. What can adventurers expect from
future updates?


The summer season is heating things in Arkesia as Amazon has released more and more content over
the past few weeks. Players were treated to many events and progression boosts that helped save
thousands of Lost Ark gold. While the game enters the last few weeks of summer, devs still have many
more features to patch into the game. What can adventurers expect from the August-September


August Roadmap

For August, AGS is focusing on minor content and several quality-of-life improvements. There are two
notable upcoming features that players with Lost Ark accounts might be interested in.


Here are all the things that are coming out for this month:


Stronghold Pet Ranch
Players are getting an update on the Pet System, and the new feature provides more than just adding a
cute place for companions to stay in. The Pet Ranch will be added to the adventurers’ strongholds as the
latest base feature. The Ranch will allow gamers to play, foster, and gather rewards with pets. This new
structure will also allow players to recover their companion’s morale and earn Jelly Cookies to trade for


Maharaka Festival – Blooming Mokokos
While the Maharaka festival has been live since July, players will see more new activities with the August
Update. The Maharaka Tree’s leaves can now be collected during the event. These things can be
exchanged for cool mounts, animal skins, and other collectibles.



September Roadmap
Most of the major updates will be coming in during the last month of the summer season. The
September patch will be separated into two sections. The first part will consist more of quality-of-life
updates. Meanwhile, the second update will contain the most significant features in these two months.
September (Part 1)


While not as significant as the later updates, the first part of this month’s patch will contain many QoL
changes recently added to the South Korean region. These are all essential back-end technical changes
that players will surely appreciate. Here are all the updates coming first this month:

Social Updates

 A Global Chat Room will be added along with several general and guild group chat
 Limited interaction between people on different servers outside raiding will be enabled.
Character Customization
 Two new hairstyles will be added for every starting class.
Combat Aspects
 The Trixion Training Grounds will receive an update to improve its practice environment.
 There will be class balancing changes for the PvP scene.
In-Game Settings
 Controller integration will be improved even further. PvP settings and Guild Systems will also be


September (Part 2)
The second update will provide the most significant changes for the current roadmap. A new class and
Legion Raid are set to enter Arkesia by this update. In addition, AGS will start merging servers. Which
ones will be combined depends on the feedback and research. Devs have stated that they will be
transparent and continuously update players over the server merge.


New Gunner Advanced Class – Machinist
Another hero hailing from Arthetine will be joining the Lost Ark roster. The Machinist, also known as
Scouter, relies on the latest high-tech machinery to augment his fighting prowess. He can use these
devices to burn and blast his way out of trouble. The Scouter’s use of cutting-edge weapons and drone
strikes helps them become a formidable foe on the field.


One of the most notable features of the Machinist is their Hypersync ability. This mode allows the class
to execute multiple capabilities powered by their suit. These high-movement skills are lethal in the
hands of an experienced player.


Kakul-Sayden Legion Raid

The commander of Mayhem Legion is the third demon boss to be part of the hardcore Legion Raid.
Adventurers will be facing off against monsters from the Midnight Circus, alongside several other
Mayhem elites. This raid will have three gates.


The main difference between the Mayhem Legion fight against previous raids is that this one is a four-
person instance. The normal mode of this battle requires players to have 1475 Item Level. However,
there is a more accessible version known as Midnight Circus: Rehearsal, which can be entered with 1385
Item Level. However, this mode is only for practice and does not yield actual rewards.


New Event and New Skins

New outfits will be added to the in-game shop, which will be available in the Part 2 update. A new event
is also set to go live, which might replace the Maharaka Festival. However, there are no specific details
regarding these other features, so players must wait for further information.


In the meantime, players should enjoy the currently available features in-game. Valtan Hell mode is still
fresh for farming Lost Ark gold, and many players are still starting to figure out the Arcanist class. Check
out more information when the official patch notes come out.

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