Growth Trends in iGaming Industry in the World and Australia

March 21, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

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Experts of the’s website notes a surge in the activity of gambling connoisseurs who want access to high-quality games for real money. New online casinos in Australia appear daily, offering more favorable terms of cooperation and enticing bonuses in 2023. This is due to the rapid growth of online gambling worldwide and on the green continent. According to Grand View Research, in 2021, the entertainment industry reached an all-time profit of $231 billion. The increase in revenues depended on developing the quality of gaming software and the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed all players in a homely atmosphere.


Some Facts about Online Gambling in Numbers


The annual growth of online casinos is dictated by Australia’s high demand for cash games. According to the Statista portal, the global gambling market has reached 262 billion dollars. Experts plan to increase demand for sports betting, online casino gambling, and other entertainment options by 2025. Experts predict the achievement of a volume of 519 billion dollars.


Speaking of Australian online casinos, in 2018, our continent’s players spent more than 20 billion AUD, and the iGaming industry reached a gross value of A$590m. This speaks of the prospects of online gambling in our country, where investments flow like rivers, pushing the growth of the real money games market.


That same year, Australian online casinos wasted $151 million annually. In 2020, this figure increased to 16.67 billion Australian dollars, an unprecedented increase in the popularity of gambling establishments. At the same time, the gambling turnover in New South Wales reached 83.35 billion AUD.


Types of Gambling Online Casinos


Gambling entertainment is divided into several types:

  • Sports betting
  • Poker
  • Lotteries
  • Online casinos


Previously, the sports betting market significantly outperformed other types of gambling entertainment, accounting for 49% of revenue in 2022. The conclusion of contracts with gaming software manufacturers and commercial organizations made it possible to create solutions for users with a user-friendly interface, which increased the popularity of online gambling.


The website specialists have analyzed the industry and agree with gambling experts who note a significant increase in the attractiveness of real money games from 2022 to 2030. This is due to the development of gambling software for the release of blackjack simulators, online pokies, and other games.


Online Gambling Industry Trends


Given the regular appearance of new online casinos in Australia, it will not be superfluous to learn about the latest trends in the gambling market:


Mobile games for money


More and more players choose mobile devices as a guide to online casinos. This is due to the ease of playing from phones and tablets based on iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Harmony OS, etc.

In 2022, experts noted a significant increase in the revenue of PC games, which accounted for 48% of the market. This is due to the convenience of playing on a large screen compared to mobile gadgets. Players note the graphics quality from a desktop computer and the PC’s performance, the best sound quality, and other nuances.

Despite this, the development of innovative mobile technologies has led to a revolution in the market, with most Australian players switching to the game from smartphones. Considering that almost every inhabitant of developed settlements have phones and mobile Internet, the inexpensive cost of gadgets, increased memory capacities, and other innovations, mobile online gambling is doomed to succeed in 2023.

The influence of cryptocurrency


Most players today choose digital currency to play online casinos. The introduction of blockchain technology has made gambling safer, positively affecting the market’s growth. Many stop at cryptocurrencies, even with many fiat payment systems. Blockchain guarantees the anonymity and security of deposits and withdrawals, which are carried out instantly.
VR games in online casinos Virtual reality technology is gradually testing the ground in gambling entertainment. There are slots for VR glasses and entire platforms for users in the virtual world. The growing popularity of such games is due to the development of VR technologies, graphics quality, and affordability. But a single mechanism and a pool of gadgets suitable for such entertainment have not been developed.

In addition to these points, the industry is saturated with games with spectacular graphics and realistic animations comparable to ordinary PC games. Face and voice recognition technology provides a comfortable game experience.

The high speed of 5G internet stabilizes gambling, allowing you to enjoy colorful pokies without dropping connections.

In Conclusion

The gambling industry is developing in giant strides, which is directly related to the growth in income. Based on the Global Online Gambling Marker 2020-2030 report, the global iGaming industry will generate about $127.3 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% over 2020-2027.


The increasing popularity of the gambling industry is also due to the improvement of mobile technologies in our region. Thus, reputable portals launch special applications for playing on phones and tablets, guaranteeing fast, safe, and 24/7 access to real money entertainment.


Given the improvement in the quality and speed of the mobile Internet, the possibility of playing on sites with foreign registration, and the creation of a large assortment of live games, pokies with VR technology, and blockchain protection, the online gambling industry will continue to be the most growing sphere. Do not forget about responsible gambling because slots bring joy but can cause significant financial losses. Play games for money only after reaching 21.


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