Whiskey Review: Von Payne Black

August 7, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

That’s right, you didn’t read the title wrong, this is a whiskey review! Many of us like to let loose and enjoy our favorite slasher films while treating ourselves to a nice glass of spirits. The problem is, too many whiskeys and other spirits are pretty generic and too…normal. This also extends to their bottles. You want something you can display on your shelf to make guests go “What’s that?!” instead of “Hey I have that too.”. Allow me to introduce you to Von Payne Spirits with their signature whiskey, Von Payn Black. I want to give a big thank you to Von Payne for making this review possible by allowing me to responsibly try their whiskey!


Von Payne Black is a whiskey that’s infused with black currants, a type of berry found in Europe. What makes this whiskey stand out among the rest is the bottle! This hefty decanter bottle is adorned with a metal Gargoyle stopper that is also a pour spout, so having a Gargoyle throw up your whiskey is pretty badass, not gonna lie. The color of this whiskey makes the bottle stand out even more with its ruby/brown color which will make it pop if you have light behind it!


The whiskey itself is just as unique as its bottle. The whiskey is 90 proof with a sweet and tart taste that accompanies it as the finish lingers. I would say due to its complex taste, you can either enjoy this as is OR as a cocktail, Von Payne has some of their own recipes, but I wanted to make my own cocktail that is fitting for our horror geeks that’s quick and easy to make and deceptively smooth where you can enjoy the taste of the whiskey without the punch in the gut. As the slogan for Von Payne is Discover the pleasure in Payne, I had a spark of inspiration.


What you’ll need is a cocktail shaker and strainer, a rocks glass (7-10 oz whiskey glass), Ice, Cherry coke, and a couple of tart cherries.

Dice up the cherries (remove the pits) and put them in the cocktail shaker along with some ice.

Add half a shot glass (0.5 oz) of Von Payne Black Whiskey

Shake and strain into your rocks glass, add ice

top with cherry coke





And that ladies and gentlemen is a cocktail I’m calling, The Cenebite‘s Kiss. No puzzle box is required to find pleasure in Payne. The added sweet/tartness of the cherries along with the added sweetness of the Cherry Coke help balance the taste of Von Payne Black allowing you to enjoy its flavors as you sip and enjoy watching a good movie, listening to a podcast, reading, or even as you game.

Von Payne Black will make your next Halloween get-together pop both in flavor and aesthetics, your bookshelf of classic horror books will look even dapper, get you into character at the next gaming session, or impress the vampire in your life. What you pay for is what you get with this Whiskey and used right you’ll enjoy it!

All this month Von Payne is having free shipping on all their orders! *MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER!* 

You can Check Out Von Payne on Twitter, Tik-Tok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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