Superman Actor Signs On for 80’s Style Monster Movie ‘Ick’

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March 16, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready for a blast from the past with director Joseph Kahn‘s upcoming 80s-style monster film, Ick. The movie promises to be a love letter to the classic creature features of the 1980s. The film aims to evoke the same sense of campy fun and thrilling chills that made those movies so iconic. Expect an “ambitious arsenal of scares and comedy” as the story unfolds, keeping audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats.

The filmmaker behind Ick is taking a unique approach to creature effects. They plan to combine the charm of “old school prosthetics” with the power of “state-of-the-art visual effects.” This combination ensures a visually stunning monster that will be both terrifying and strangely endearing.

A Story of Lost Love and Monstrous Mayhem

Variety reports that Brandon Routh, who played Superman in Superman Returns, and Mena Suvari, who starred in American Beauty, have signed on to lead the film’s cast.

The plot centers around Hank (Routh), a high school science teacher still harboring a torch for his childhood sweetheart (Suvari). His life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers he might have a teenage daughter (Malina Weissman). As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, a terrifying alien anomaly descends upon their small town, forcing Hank to confront both his past and this new monstrous threat.

A Creative Team with Genre Cred

The script for Ick is a collaborative effort between Sam Laskey, Dan Koontz, and Joseph Kahn. This trio brings a wealth of experience, with Koontz’s horror expertise perfectly complementing Kahn’s established career directing films like Torque, Bodied, and Detention.

Joseph Kahn expresses his enthusiasm for the project: “‘Ick’ is a movie that evokes primal fears about the world today, and best of all, it introduces a unique, mysterious monster. I am thrilled that Interstellar has aligned to produce this modern creature feature that is challenging and escapist fun.”

A Must-See

Ick is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of horror comedies and creature features alike. With its talented cast, creative team, and a blend of nostalgic thrills and modern sensibilities, Ick promises to be a hilarious and terrifyingly good time. Keep an eye out for further updates.

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