Scream Queen Barbara Crampton Boards ‘Tourist Trap’ Reboot

Barbra Crampton

March 21, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready for a trip down memory lane with a terrifying twist! According to Giant Freakin Robot, the cult classic slasher film Tourist Trap is being resurrected, and this time, horror legend Barbara Crampton is set to produce.

A Scream Queen

Barbra Crampton‘s career trajectory is fascinating. Starting in the 1980s with roles on iconic soap operas like “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless,” she eventually found her true calling: horror.

Crampton has become a Scream Queen, starring in a string of chilling films that solidified her place in horror history. From the killer robots of Chopping Mall to the body-horror mayhem of Re-Animator to the home invasion horror You’re Next and the classic “Creepshow” series, she brought a captivating blend of fearlessness and vulnerability to every role. Her dedication to the genre has earned her critical acclaim and award nominations, making her the perfect candidate to shepherd Tourist Trap into a new era.

The Original Tourist Trap: A Nightmare on the Highway

Released in 1979, the original Tourist Trap was a chilling tale directed by David Schmoeller, who would later become a horror mainstay with films like the Puppet Master franchise.

The story follows a group of young people who stumble upon a deserted roadside museum called “Lost Oasis,” run by a reclusive owner embittered by highway construction that diverted traffic away from his once-booming attraction.

What starts as an innocent detour takes a horrifying turn when a mysterious killer with telekinetic powers begins to pick off the travelers one by one. The once-static mannequins lining the museum walls come to life, manipulated by the unseen force to become instruments of gruesome murder. With its blend of isolation, psychological horror, and practical effects, the film became a cult favorite among horror fans.

A New Chapter Awaits:

This time around, with Barbra Crampton‘s genre expertise and a fresh creative team behind it, Tourist Trap is poised to become a terrifying reimagining for a new generation of horror enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more details on casting, directors, and a release date for this highly anticipated remake. Tourist Trap will surely be a must-see for horror enthusiasts and fans of Crampton’s enduring legacy in the genre. Here’s a look back at the original trailer to give you a taste of the horrors to come. You can now watch the original on Peacock, Redbox, Roku, and Tubi.

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