The Exorcism Possesses a New Clip Ahead of its VOD Premiere

Russell Crowe stars in The Exorcism

July 5, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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We’ve got good news for those who missed The Exorcism in theaters or want to rewatch it. It’s coming to VOD! To celebrate its release, we have a new clip titled “Not Too Shabby.” It sees Russell Crowe chatting with a priest, played by “Frazier” star David Hyde Pierce.

The Exorcism, which I called “dark, gritty, and emotional” in my mostly spoiler-free review, is from horror mastermind Kevin Williamson (Scream franchise) and Outerbanks Entertainment. Joshua John Miller directed the haunting film, which boasts a script co-written by Miller and M.A. Fortin, the creative duo behind the hit series “Queen of the South.” During a recent Q&A with Miller and Fortin, the two told us just how person the film is and its connection to The Exorcist, which starred Miller’s father, Jason Miller, who played the iconic character of Father Karras.

In The Exorcism, Russell Crowe stars as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor battling his inner demons and checkered past while filming a supernatural horror movie. The lines between reality and performance begin to blur. And his estranged daughter (played by Ryan Simpkins of the “Fear Street” trilogy) investigates the source of his erratic behavior. Is it a relapse into past addictions, or is something much more sinister at play?

The Exorcism boasts an impressive team behind the scenes. Producers include Miramax, Kevin Williamson, Ben Fast, and Bill Block. The executive producers are Padraic McKinley, Scott Putman, Andrew Golov, and Thom Zadra.

Grab your rosaries and watch The Exorcism on VOD on July 9, 2024. You can pre-order it now on Apple TV.



The Exorcism

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