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Movie Review: A Stranger Among the Living

Henry (Jake Milton) would rather spend his time in the limelight than enriching young minds. To that end, he plays hooky from work to go on an audition an inadvertently initiates Operation: Save Ass as a student goes hog wild shooting up the school. Soon, ol’ Hank makes like Haley Joel circa ’99 and seeing […]

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Vampire Film ‘Caleb’ Bares Its Fangs In New Teaser Trailer

    The teaser trailer for writer-director Robert D’Antona‘s vampire film Caleb has arrived which promises a distressing gothic tale. This film represents a return to the origins, to the themes dear to the director. The fascinating mythological creatures are inspired by the ancient European folkloristic legend while, for the staging, Caleb aims to convey […]

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This February Meet ‘A Perfect Host’ In This Airbnb Horror

    Director Chad Werner makes his directorial debut with the indie Airbnb horror A Perfect Host about a  group of friends rent an isolated lake house owned by a fitness-obsessed man with mysterious intentions. “Four friends rent an isolated lake house for a weekend getaway. While the dramas of the friends’ relationships unfold, they […]

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Off Fleek 1

Movie Reviews (Horror-on-Sea Film Festival): Horror Shorts — Lonnie Knutsengripper: Man, Myth and Movies; Off Fleek; The Pit; and Shredders

Lonnie Knutsengripper: Man, Myth and Movies This U.K. comedy focuses on Lonnie Knutsengripper, the fictitious, hard-drinking American producer and director of more than 300 “classic” horror films. He reminisces about two films that he made in England: Interred (1982) and its sequel, the Sh–house Strangler (1990). In the first film, a maniac flushes hapless victims […]

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‘Moons Of Madness’ Coming To Console

Funcom’s first-person Lovecraftian horror set on Mars, Moons of Madness will be coming to consoles after its successful launch on PC back in October. The game’s developer, Rock Pocket Games delayed the console launch so that they will optimize the game for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.         Moons of Madness takes […]

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the pit

Survivorman Les Stroud Stars In ‘The Pit’ (Trailer)

  The bond of two friends is put to the test in the first trailer for writer-director Stacy Brown Jr.‘s debut feature The Pit. Famed survivalist Les Stroud (Discovery Channel’s “Survivorman”) steps into the familiar character of Danny Coile, opposite Brown as Arron James. In the film, while hiking in an isolated forest, survivalist Danny […]

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BOHN-02 (1)

Blood On Her Name Gets US Release Date

    A woman’s panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spirals out of control in Blood on Her Name, the feature debut from Atlanta-based filmmaker Matthew Pope, who’s previous work has garnered him both national and film festivals accolades. Pope co-wrote the film alongside producer Don Thompson, and the two co-founded Rising Creek together. […]

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Swallow Still 8 Couch

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Preview: Killers, Thrillers, and Chillers of All Stripes Are on Tap

The fifth edition of Final Girls Berlin Film Festival takes place February 6–9, 2020 at City Kino Wedding as the fest continues to raise the bar by showcasing horror movies written, directed, and/or produced by women and nonbinary filmmakers. Festival codirector Eli Lewy calls this year’s festival edition the “most expansive and international yet, presenting a […]

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