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‘The Girl In 6E’ Being Adapted

EuroCorp and Vertigo Entertainment, the studio behind ‘The Strangers’ and the upcoming reboot of ‘IT’, are working in conjunction on the adaption of ‘The Girl in 6E’, based on the novel by A.R. Torre. Torre researched the world of web-cam girls by becoming one herself to make sure the story was as realistic as possible. Now that’s dedication. The screenplay is set to be written by Chloe King, daughter of Zaleman King, the man behind the series ‘Red Shoes Diaries’.

6e 1

The story follows a young woman suffering from an extreme case of agoraphobia (the fear of crowds). The woman makes her living as a web-cam girl. When she realizes that one of her customers plans to kidnap a child, she decides to fight her phobia to save the little girl.

No release date or cast list is available at this time.



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