Dexter Returning To Showtime

Dexter Morgan, a brilliant blood splatter expert, and killer of killers, is returning to Showtime. Michael C. Hall’s dark character solves crimes by day and dishes out his own brand of justice at night.


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ScreenCrush reports that the head pf Showtime, David Nevins recently spoke at the TCA press tour panel. Not only did he discuss new series, but also the return of old favorites, including Dexter.


“Dexter is the one show that I think about [Continuing]. It’s a question of when timing is right…” Nevins also commented earlier this year that “It would have to involve Michael. I would only do it with Michael.” Thank God for that! I hate when a long running series replaces it’s main star.




“Dexter is a show in need of redemption. We know not every event from the series final can be undone (Deb is still dead), but there is a chance to go forward and tell a story of how Dexter Morgan should either really play for what he did or actually wash his hands and move forward. No purgatory, and no half-measures.”




A spin-off of Dexter has also been discussed, in fact it had been brought up before the series ended in 2013.

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