David Bowie Starred In A Little Known X-Rated Short Horror Film (Watch)

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The world mourned the day that music icon David Bowie passed away. One of the worst parts of losing him is that we will never see or hear anything new that he had created. While it is not new, there is something of Bowie’s that you probably haven’t seen before.


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Bowie starred in a little-known short horror film titled The Boy in 1968. Exclusively shown in porn theaters when released, director Michael Armstrong’s film scored an X-rating due to the violence in the 13-minute film.

The story centers onĀ an artist (Michael Byrne) who paints a picture of a young man. The image somehow turns to flesh and stalks the artist. Terrified, he tries to kill the supernatural intruder (Bowie).

Rest In Peace David Bowie 1947-2016

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