‘The Exorcist’ Director Documents A Real Exorcism In ‘The Devil And Father Amorth’


Back in 1973, William Friedkin directed one of the most important classics to ever come from the horror genre, The Exorcist.

Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist centered on Regan (Linda Blair), a young girl possessed. Her mother sought and found help from two priests who were able to rid the girl of the dark entity, at great cost.

Fast-forward¬†several decades and you will find Friedkin tackling the subject of exorcism once again, this time in a real life documentary titled The Devil and Father Amorth. Friedkin got up close and personal during a real exorcism proceeded over by Father Gabriele Amorth, who performed exorcisms the Vatican’s Rome Diocese.



Father Armoth has penned several books on the subject. After reading Amroth’s¬†books Friedkin sought him out while on a trip to Italy. Surprisingly, the Father was a fan of The Exorcist.

In the documentary, Friedkin is allowed to observe a real exorcism with restrictions that included no camera men or staff could be in the room, only Friedkin. The footage in the documentary is of a woman during the ninth exorcism Father Amorth had performed on her.

The Devil and Father Amorth premiered at the Venice Film Festival. There is no word yet when it will be released.

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