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Alawar Premium Is Having A Killer ‘Distrust’ Giveaway – First Place Is A 10 Day Cruise!


Gamers hold on to joysticks!! Alawar Premium is giving fans of ‘Distrust’ a chance to win an amazing prize, a 10-day cruise! That’s not all! 20 players will have a shot at winning a second place prize, a branded vest!


From the Press Release:

Alawar Premium invites all Distrust fans to participate in a contest to win an incredible 10-day cruise to Antarctica on January 21-30, 2018, with a paid round trip from the winner’s city to Ushuaia (Argentina), the expedition’s starting point. During the contest period from September 18th till November 30th, 2017, players are encouraged to scavenge the map for five missing ticket pieces hidden around the scientific base in order to unlock the achievement “Lucky Ticket” and access the registration form. The winner will be selected in a random draw at the beginning of December.



Due to legal limitations, only residents from the USA and Russia of age 21+ are eligible to win the grand prize, however, an additional 20 players from any country will be able to win branded vests, provided that they unlock “Lucky Ticket” achievement.


For full terms and conditions for the prize entry please click HERE.


Inspired by John Carpenter’s classic movie ‘The Thing’, Distrust is a 3D survival game where players control two helicopter crash survivors stranded near an abandoned Arctic scientific base. Switching back and forth between the characters, players scavenge the base for food and supplies while also battling a terrifying force that attacks the characters as they sleep, sucking the life out of their bodies. However, if players choose to avoid the force by staying awake, they risk getting exhausted and crippled by harmful character mutations. Once one character’s perception of reality has been altered the player must constantly switch between the two to determine what is real and what is not, all the while unraveling the mystery of what has happened to the base’s missing residents. Featuring a selection of 15 characters with unique skills and abilities, various mutations, quests and randomly generated maps, Distrust is available on Stream!

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About Alawar Premium:

Founded in 1999, we specialize in the development, publishing, and distribution of casual games, reaching players all over the world. The company has published over 350 casual games, including leading downloadable and mobile brands like Farm Frenzy and The Treasures of Montezuma, on more than 15 platforms. In addition to game development and publishing, Alawar manages the worldwide digital content distribution, including distributing its games through its own websites and partners. For more information, visit: www.alawar.com



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