‘Black Water’ Sequel Heads For ‘The Abyss’


Director Andrew Traucki and producer Michael Robertson, the team behind 2007’s Black Water, are back together again for the upcoming sequel, Black Water: Abyss.

Black Water: Abyss centers on an adventure-loving couple who convince their friends to explore a remote cave system in the forests of Northern Australia. With a storm approaching, they abseil into the mouth of the cave, which starts to flood and the group finds themselves threatened by a pack of crocodiles, setting up a tense survival drama, Variety reports.

Mike Runagall of Altitude said the sequel will have a similar feel as the original, which was shot with live crocodiles. “Black Water: Abyss employs the same ingenious approach on a much larger canvas to deliver a highly commercial high-concept thriller from a team with a proven track record in this arena,”

Producer Robertson has stated: “Like all films in this genre, Black Water: Abyss is designed to terrify and scare, cause dread and alarm, to invoke our worst hidden fears – in this case, a fear heavily imprinted in our genes, the fear of being eaten alive by a vicious, unreasoning predator.”

The casting phase of production has now begun. Sarah Smith and Ian John Ridley penned the script, inspired by a true story.


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