She’s Back! Lindsay Lohan Returns With Werewolves

February 7, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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It’s been a while, but Hollywood’s favorite mean girl will soon return to the big screen in a new crime horror film, The Shadow Within. This will be Lohan’s first film since starring in the 2013 film The Canyons. The Shadow Within will be about a private detective (presumably played by Lohan) who’s trying to solve the murder of her uncle while keeping it a secret that she’s a descendant of werewolves.
More information about the film is sparse and the film’s IMDB page seems to add to the confusion. What does not help is that there’s a movie with the same name that came out in 2007, mysteriously enough Lohan herself posted on Instagram a teaser poster for the film back in December but since has been removed. The fate of the picture is unknown whether or not it will howl its way to the big screen or whimper with its tail between its legs straight to DVD, all we can do is hope that maybe while on hiatus Lindsay learned from her past acting mistakes like I know who Killed Me and Liz & Dick.

Screencap from Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram via Daily Mail UK


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