fake blood

Two Filmmakers Are Pulled Into A Real World Filled With Horrors In ‘Fake Blood’


Two filmmakers receive a disturbing fan film that introduces them to a real world filled with horrors in Rob Grant’s indie horror film Fake Blood.

In the film, Rob Grant and Mike Kovac receive a disturbing fan video inspired by their previous horror movie Mon Ami, motivating them to investigate the responsibility of filmmakers in portraying violence in movies. In their pursuit of the truth, they are unwittingly introduced to the real world of violent criminals and their victims.

Chelsey Reist, Mike Kovac, Jacqueline Breakwell, Rob Grant, Camden Filtness, Ryan McNeill Bolton, Nathaniel Moher, Len Harvey, Theo Francon, Tracy Varju, Scott Wallis, and Jez Bonham star.
Fake Blood is currently playing in theaters and is available on VOD, from Level Film.

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