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Horror Comedy ‘Cynthia’ Gives Birth This September


Cynthia, the new horror comedy from the mind of  Girls and Corpses magazine creator Robert Rhine is ready to give birth this September.

In the film, a desperate mother gives birth to the most hideous child ever imagined. From directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, the film stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, 2007), Sid Haig (House of a 1000 Corpses), Bill Moseley (Repo! The Genetic Opera), Robert LaSardo and many others.

“Robin (Taylor-Compton) and Michael (Kyle Jones) are ready to start a new family. After years of fertility treatments, something has changed in Robin’s womb. On the delivery table, a monster is born. But, Robin still loves this six-fingered and one-legged crawling nightmare. Will her neighbors be just as accepting? Probably not.
Cynthia has recently garnered an award at this year’s Independent Filmmakers Showcase. There, Sid Haig won a “Best Supporting Actor” prize. Now, after a well-received theatrical run,

On September 18th, Cynthia will debut on Digital platforms and DVD, from Indican Pictures.


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