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A New Riddick Film And Series Announced By Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel announced a new series and film for the ‘Riddick’ franchise, yesterday, via Instagram. Next month work begins on the script  for the film, titled ‘Furia’, to be written by Diesel and and director David Twohy.     Diesel and Twohy will also be working on ‘Merc City’, a series that explores the Merc […]

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Fox Debuts New Trailers For Their Upcoming Series ‘Lucifer’

  DC’s character Lucifer, from ‘The Sandman’ comics and it’s spin-off comic titled ‘Lucifer’, is joining the list of adaptions for TV, that includes ‘Constantine’, ‘Arrow’,  ‘Preacher’, Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Outcast’.     The character ‘Lucifer’ was created by Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg and Sam Keith, which premiered in ‘The Sandman’ in […]

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Fans Are Calling For The Return Of Constantine

Fans were ecstatic to see Constantine make a cameo last week (November 4th) on ‘Arrow’. The episode (S4 Ep5), “Haunted”,  proved a couple of things, that the fan base for Constantine, played by Matt Ryan, is very much alive and are still calling for the series’ return. The second thing, as if that wasn’t enough, the episode […]

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A Whole New Thing: When a Remake Isn’t a Remake

The Thing, 2011, is NOT a remake. It is a prequel. I just did more than the entire Universal Studios marketing department with that clarification.   John Carpenter got royally screwed on his 1982 masterpiece. Some call The Thing his greatest film. Others, like me, call it one of the greatest films ever made for […]

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Comic Book Heroine Wynonna Earp Coming To SYFY In New Series

Wynonna Earp, brought to life in Beau Smith’s comic book series, is getting her own live-action show on the SyFy channel. The supernatural series follows Wynonna Earp, descendant of “the” Wyatt Earp, who is a special agent for the U.S. Marshalls’ Monster Squad. Earp battles supernatural threats including vampires, zombies, demons and mummies. Wynonna Earp […]

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The Walking Dead’s Negan Has Officially Been Cast !

  After months of rumor and speculation, the role of The Walking Dead’s big, bad, brutal character Negan has been cast. Multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter have stated that ‘Supernatural’ actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play the role of The Walking Dead’s f-bomb dropping psycho path and leader of “The Saviors”. During the casting […]

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