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Zombie Event Raided By Armed Police

A group of on lookers witnessed a group of people being forced into a van by armed men and called the Brighton Police Department to report the kidnapping on Sunday at 8:45pm . Soon the location was swarmed by officers with loaded weapons prepared to handle the situation as an act of terrorism. It took a while for the company’s staff to […]

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Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival Guide by Stephen Derickson

The Zombie Survival Guide by Stephen Derickson is probably my least favorite survival guide. (Which is saying a lot, considering how many options there are to choose from on Amazon alone.) Before we begin, I will mention that prior to this review being completed the book appears to have been pulled from the Amazon. The links […]

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Kellie's Diary Cover

Kellie’s Diary Volume #1

Kellie’s Diary Volume 1 by Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins is an amazing read! There are two different versions of the book available for sale on Amazon. One is a regular novel, while the other is a graphic novel. The content is presumably the same, the only difference is that the graphic novel version features the […]

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The Zombie Cookbook

I don’t have anything but good things to say about The Zombie Cookbook by J.O. Osbourne. This book is full of great, simple recipes that both sound and can be made to look very spooky. I thought it would be a good book to check out prior to Halloween festivities and I was right! This […]

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Movie Review: The Possesion Of Michael King (2014)

WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The movie opens with a touching scene of a family picnic. In the next scene we learn of the death of Michael’s wife. Out of  frustration he sets out to make a documentary to prove that supernatural beings (God, the Devil ect…) don’t exist. Michael and his friend/cameraman meet with fortune tellers, Demonologist, priests […]

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The Middle-Beast Syndrome

Have you actually sat through The Exorcist II? No one really likes Exorcist II. No one loves Insidious 2, and they still won’t when part 3 comes out. It’s tough being the middle child in a horror trilogy. Sci-fi? That’s a different story (Aliens, Empire Strike Back, etc). Horror has been less fortunate with trilogies. […]

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Descent of the Dead Volume 1 Cover

Descent of the Dead Issues 1 & 2 Review

Descent of the Dead is an independent comic series by Rich Perez, Rage Ledbetter, and Francis Penavic. The series is published by their company, Tango Unlimited (Also referred to as Tango Comics). The company is based in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, but the books are distanced from the both our present day and the the […]

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