New Blood Soaked Clip Arrives From ‘The Void’ Ahead Of Its April Release



The highly anticipated genre sci-fi thriller The Void has unveiled a new blood soaked clip, titled ‘I Think That’s Beverly’, ahead of its US release.

From the writer-director team of Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, The Void stars Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Kenneth Welsh, and Aaron Poole. It was executive produced by Todd Brown, Ross M. Dinerstein, James Norrie, Jeremy Platt, and David Watson.

In the middle of a routine patrol, officer Daniel Carter (Poole) happens upon a blood-soaked figure limping down a deserted stretch of road. He rushes the young man to a nearby rural hospital staffed by a skeleton crew,  only to discover that patients and personnel are transforming into something inhuman. As the horror intensifies, Carter leads the other survivors on a hellish voyage into the subterranean depths of the hospital in a desperate bid to end the nightmare before it’s too late.



The Void is already getting under the skin of viewers in the UK. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to see the film for yourself, it open in US theaters this Friday (April 7th) and will arrive on VOD the same day from Screen Media Films. Check out the new clip:




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