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A Son Leads His Friends To Slaughter In Bunni

A group of friends set out to explore an abandoned factory, they have no idea that the friend is leading them to slaughter. He’s guiding the group knowing that his mentally deranged mother is waiting to kill the friends one by one. This indie slasher, directed by Daniel Benedict, is titled Bunni. Mercedez Varble, Kent […]

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X Files Season 4 – 6 Breakdown Part 2

Last week I left off just before the end of season 3, the reason I did this was because there was a lot of new information to cover and I did not want to confuse fans (old and newcomers alike) halfway through the breakdown. If you missed last weeks and need to catch up, it […]

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beware the slenderman 1

Beware The Slenderman Debuting At SXSW

It’s premiere season and so far the line up for SXSW is booming. One of the films premiering at SXSW is Irene Taylor Brodsky’s Beware the Slenderman, inspired by the popular legend. In the film, two twelve-year-old girls find an online Boogeyman and vow to kill for him. “The entrance to the internet quickly leads […]

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10 cloverfield 1

The Seguel/Spin-Off Of Cloverfield Is Coming!

News comes this morning that after years of rumors the sequel/spin-off to 2008’s Cloverfield is not only real, it’s wrapped filming and is set to land in theaters on March 11th and there is a trailer! Paramount has confirmed it. The title of the film is 10 Cloverfield Lane. 10 Cloverfield Lane stars John Goodman, […]

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