Get a Quick Scare with Home

Home, created by Benjamin Rivers and released in 2012, is touted as a unique horror adventure game by the developer. Everything that happens is entirely subjective, which is not commonly seen in games. The art is in a pixel style, making the game feel retro, especially when combined with the story taking place in text. […]

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making a murderer 1

Two Making A Murder Specials Airing This Weekend

We reported a few days ago that a possible second season is in the works for the Netflix original documentary Making A Murder, the latest true crime obsession about the conviction of Stephen Avery. Now, news has come that two networks will be airing specials about the documentary about the possible innocents of Avery this weekend. Today […]

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southbound poster

Watch The First 7 Minutes Of Southbound Here

The horror anthology Southbound has five interlocking tales that follows the fates of a group of travelers who are faced with their worst fears and darkest secrets over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway, with all roads leading to a town that is Hell on earth. Southbound‘s segments were directed by […]

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blackout poster

The Blackout Experiment Releases New Clip

The Blackout Experiments, billed as the most extreme, immersive horror documentary ever made in America, is not for the faint of heart. The film is designed to manipulate our darkest psychological fears. The Blackout Experiments focuses on a group of friends whose experiences with a dark psycho-sexual horror experience develop into an obsession that consumes […]

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It Seems Making A Murderer Is Getting A Second Season

The latest series obsession, the documentary series Making A Murderer, has been making major waves. The series documents Stephen Avery’s wrongful conviction, followed by his arrest for the murder of Teresa Halbach, suggests that he was framed for the murder by corrupt officials.     Word has surfaced that suggests a second season of Making […]

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