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Ode to 80’s Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street

In honor of Halloween approaching (everyone’s favorite holiday) and whispers of the second remake happening (Kevin Bacon, anyone?) this #Odeto80s is on that 1986 Wes Craven classic: A Nightmare on Elm Street.     WHERE IT CAME FROM: Wes Craven had already had horror movie success when he read a series of disturbing articles in the newspaper: “It […]

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Ode to 80’s Horror: Re-Animator

Horror has never lacked for mad scientist tales, and the 80’s was no exception. One of the greatest and most classic of these 80’s tales is Re-Animator.   Re-Animator is a good old-fashioned horror film. It has mad scientists, dead bodies coming to life, black cats, etc. It’s fun, it’s scary, and it’s completely deserving of this […]

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