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An Ancient Horror Is Released In The Trailer For ‘The House Of The Gorgon’

    A young woman must save herself and her family when her fiancé unleashes an ancient horror in writer-director Joshua Kennedy‘s House of the Gorgon. Starring Caroline Munro, Martine Beswicke, Veronica Carlson and Christopher Neame, the movie was filmed in the vein of the classic Hammer and Universal films of yesteryear. “The year is 1896 and […]

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Trailer Lands For ‘Beasts Of The Field’

    The trailer has landed for indie creature feature Beasts of the Field from director Chase Dudley and writer Brentt Slabchuck.  Starring Gregory Blair, Amber Dawn Fox, Ashley Nunes , Savannah Shaffer , Tory Beckham, Patrick Alred, and Keith Nicholson, the film about a delusional cryptozoologist and a psychopathic television presenter lead an amateur expedition into […]

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tales of frankenstein

Horror Anthology ‘Tales Of Frankenstein’ Comes To Life This October

    Tales of Frankenstein will make its theatrical world premiere on October 24th in Los Angeles followed by its arrival on VOD (all major platforms) and DVD this October which happens to mark the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein“. The film is based upon four of writer-director Donald F. Glut’s (The Empire Strikes […]

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human 1

Feast Your Eyes On The First Images From ‘Human Hibachi’

  I hope you’re hungry because we’ve got something bloody to sink your teeth into, the first look at Human Hibachi. Form Cerrito Productions owner Mario Cerrito III comes the documentary-style flick that might make you go vegetarian. But then again we know some of readers like things nice and bloody.     In this gorefest, a Japanese […]

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Agramon's Gate 5

A Seance Unleashes A Dark Spirit In Agramon’s Gate (Trailer)

  Painted Creek Productions has released the trailer their upcoming thriller Agramon’s Gate, written, directed, and produced by award-winning filmmaker and actor Harley Wallen (Artificial Loyalty). Starring Laurene Landon (Sky, Maniac Cop 1 & 2) and Yan Birch (Wes Craven’s The People Underneath the Stairs, Death House).   When I wrote Agramon’s gate this was one of the […]

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‘Mrs. Claus’ Has An Ax To Grind In New Trailer

  Time and time again we’ve seen Santa as the killer in holiday horror films, but never Mrs. Claus, until now. From director Troy Escamilla comes Mrs. Claus (previously known as Stirring) about “A group of college students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house that has a sinister past are stalked by a bloodthirsty […]

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VOB_Main side FRONT

‘Volumes Of Blood’ Releasing “KILLectors” Special Edition Blu-ray

  Horror anthology Volumes of Blood is releasing a special “KILLectors” Edition Blu-ray, creator and producer P.J. Sparks has now announced. The film, made of five interwoven tales of terror centers on “A sociology student gathers his friends on Halloween night to each create their own original urban legend. As the stories become more terrifying the […]

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Evil Goes Viral In ‘The e-Demon’ Trailer

    Dark Cuts Pictures has acquired North American rights to Jeremy Wechter’s e-Demon, which won writer-director Wechter the Best Director Award at the New York Horror Film Festival. The film, produced by Wechter, Michael Gonzalez, PJ Starks, and Emily Pojman, tells of an escaped demon on a dark and twisted mission that manipulates a group […]

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Indie Horror ‘The Nursery’ Coming To DVD

  Indie horror The Nursery is set to arrive on DVD this August with a ton of extras including insightful audio commentary by the filmmakers, a “making of” featurette, and more.    To get a full-blown DVD release of The Nursery is incredibly exciting,” The Nursery’s Executive Producers—Glenn Chung, Chris Micklos, and Jay Sapiro—said in a joint statement. “We […]

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