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Exclusive Trailer For The New Game ‘Invector’

  At midnight tonight (December 7th, 2017), North American Gamers on the east-coast can get their hands on the new PS4 game Invector by Hello There Games. Invector is a new Rhythm Game, like Guitar Hero but with a Spaceship piloted by Stella voiced by Maya Tuttle. Players help Stella collect colorful fragments scattered across […]

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SOMA Hits PC and PS4

If you ever played Amnesia: The Dark Decent and were a fan, you’ll be happy to know that Frictional Games’ latest horror endeavour, SOMA, is now available on Steam and the PS4 Network. Imagine if Bioshock and Amnesia had a baby, and then Alien: Isolation and Outlast had a baby, then those two babies grew […]

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Video Game Review: Dying Light

How do you improve upon the zombie apocalypse? Add parkour! “Dying Light” released on January 27th 2015 is now available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC  computers is the newest installment in Tech Land’s open-world Role Playing zombie game. First we got “Dead Island” back in 2011, while that was mediocre it had potential. We […]

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The Evil Within : a Nod to the Resident Evil franchise

Title : The Evil Within Publisher : Tango Gameworks Developer : Bethesda Genre : Survival Horror Players :  1 Player Release Date : Oct, 2014 Estimated Value (as of today’s date): $49.99-$59.99 When all else fails, and you’re looking for a game to kill some time (and kill your sleep habit), always put your faith […]

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