Voice Actress Laura Bailey Threatened By Fans

July 4, 2020

Written by Capt McNeely

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Last of Us Part II Spoilers Ahead


Laura Bailey has quite the extensive resume of voice acting jobs she’s had dating as far back as 1999 ranging from popular Anime dubs to video games but it’s her latest role that has her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Bailey recently did the voice and motion capture for the character Abby in The Last of Us Part II, Sony and Naughty Dog’s most popular and controversial game in the last couple of years. The main controversy was fan made by the game’s own fanbase due to the character Joel, voice and motion-captured by Voice acting superstar Troy Baker, being killed off in the first hour of the game by Bailey’s character. This has led to fans demanding a remake of The Last of Us Part II for this fact alone.





From a storytelling standpoint, the plot mainly centered around the idea of  the cycle of vengeance and how that cycle ends badly for those who seek it harking to the old saying “The person who pursues revenge should dig two graves.” As all of Abby’s friends including her love interest are killed due to her wanting to kill Joel to avenge her father, and the game’s main character Ellie’s love interest leaves her along with their baby as Ellie was still obsessed with avenging Joel’s death.

Fans hated the idea that they were forced to play as Abby in the second half of the game as fans felt that the game wanted to make fans feel sorry for her while at the same time confusing other fans as the writing of the story along with its execution made the game and its plot not flow properly.



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While many are saying, “It’s just a game.” Others have taken it personally, way personal, and even gone far enough to threaten Bailey’s life over the character she portrayed in The Last of Us Part II publically on Twitter resulting in her sharing screencaps of some of the threats she’s received.



   Many fans of the game including fans of other works Bailey has partaken in came to her defense stating the obvious that she’s just playing a character and that the story is not real in which you got to say it 100% true. Sadly fanbases tend to be hijacked by toxic fans which are becoming quite common now in many forms of entertainment and have become a meme within the gaming community.




funny because it’s true.

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