Review Of The Season 5 Finale Of The Walking Dead

March 30, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night we were all holding our breathe and getting ready to face the possibility of our favorite character’s death on the season 5 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’. ‘The Walking Dead’ has a long tradition of killing off characters on both mid-season and season-end finales. This episode took us on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I went from screaming at my TV, cheering, gasping, and I ran through every foul word I could think of. The finale reminded me just why I love his show. Here’s a run down of what happened.

The finale opened with Morgan sleeping in a car. The next thing we know a Wolf has his gun on Morgan. When another Wolf arrives Morgan turns Jedi and beats their ass with a stick, then leaves them in a car.


Rick spent a lot of the episode recovering from his fight with Pete. Until the last few minutes, we had no clue what his punishment would be. When Rick and Michonne finally had a chance to talk, we found out that  she is still on the group’s side. A lot of fans questioned her loyalties after last week when she knocked Rick out during his fight with Pete.

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Carol showed her true colors when she showed up at the house they forced Pete to move into, alone. If I could have reached through the TV in this scene I would have given Carol a high five. This tough, small woman stood toe to toe with Pete the abuser, I seriously wondered if he had wet his pants. When she told him she could kill him and get away with it, as she held a knife to his throat and then she said “Come at me bro.” I rolled of the couch cheering. Carol is a badass in every sense of the word.

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Maggie spent much of the finale going to bat for Rick, both before and during the meeting.

When Father Gabriel went out side the walls to attempt suicide by walker, in my head I could hear hordes of fans cheering. Unfortunately, he was to weak too die and finally killed a walker. When he walked back into the walls and left the gate open I really thought it was going to be bad. Fortunately, it came to Rick’s advantage.



Later in the episode, after taking a nap on a pile of dead walkers, Sasha turns a gun on Gabriel. Maggie has spent the episode going to bat for Rick, but she arrives just in time to save Father Gabriel. The scene ends with the three of them praying.


Carl was stuck at home babysitting Judith, we only saw him for a minute in the entire episode, when he is talking to Rick.

Abraham and Eugene finally made up while visiting Tara. Tara spent the finale recovering from the explosion at the warehouse in the last episode. In the final moments she opened her eyes, giving us the impression that she is going to be okay.


Glenn went outside the wall to see where Nicholas (the jackass who caused Noah’s death) was sneaking off to. When Nicholas shot Glenn, I really thought we might lose him. The two spent the rest of the episode fighting. Glenn had the chance to shoot him, but because he’s such a good guy, Glenn let him live. The episode ended before we know how the struggle ended.

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Daryl and Aaron found a warehouse, but when they opened one of the trucks it set off a trap, unleashing a horde of walkers. The two men were able to get into a car before they were bitten, unfortunately the car didn’t run. Aaron took the moment to explain to Daryl why he chose to bring the group back to Alexandria.


Just as Daryl and Aaron were about to make a run for it, Morgan showed up and rescued them. We find out later that the traps were set by the two men who attacked Morgan in the woods earlier in last night’s episode.
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At the meeting the group comes to Rick’s defense. Abraham reveals his gift for speaking, giving us one of the best quotes of the season.


On his way to defend himself at the meeting, Rick finds the gate opened and comes across a group of walkers. Rick kills them. Just he arrives at the meeting, with a walker over his shoulder, Pete arrives drunk and crazy. Pete slits Reg’s throat when Reg tries to stop him him from getting to Rick. Pete is tackled and Rick gets the ok to put him down. Just as Rick pulls the trigger Daryl, Aaron and Morgan walk up. With Morgan’s new zen, every life matters, attitude I’m not sure how he will respond to the new Rick.

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Oh! And Michonne put her freaking katana back on!

Luckily all of our favorite cast members made it through the finale alive, so, at least for now, no one will be rioting.  Not everything ended on a good note. The two ‘Wolves’ have Aaron’s bag with the pictures of Alexandria. During many episodes from this season we saw hints about ‘The Wolves’ everywhere. Odds are the two men aren’t the only members. I have a feeling next season we will see ‘The Wolves’ try to take of the safe haven.

Now we have to sit here and wait seven months for ‘The Walking Dead’ to return. Mean while, the new spin-off ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will be starting soon, with a whole new cast for us to love or hate.


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