‘The House Of Screaming Death’ Wraps The First Phase Of Production

September 6, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Award winning Producers Dave Hastings and Kaush Patel have announced that they have now wrapped phase one of their production of the British horror anthology ‘The House of Screaming Death‘. Patel and Hastings also serve as directors of the film along side Alex Bourne, Troy Dennison and Rebecca Harris-Smith.

Hastings of Lightbeam Productions had this to say, “We wrapped production on 25th August after a fantastic 23 day shoot! Our FANTASTIC crew were amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better team! Every one of them gave it 110% and we couldn’t have done without them! And that also applies to our AMAZING cast, who brought our script and stories life more than we could have ever dreamed! They are stunning, each and every one of them.” He continues ” “we also had our amazing locations, which helped us bring to life all the atmospheric and eerie locations we needed for the differing segments. Each story you’ll see is set in a different time period, from the 1800s through to modern day, and the support and encouragement we have had from local communities and businesses has just been overwhelming to us all!” Dave on what’s next “We’re diving straight into the cutting room with our editors, Sam Woodhall and Kieth Cartwright, who are doing all kinds of amazing things with what we’ve shot already!” explains Hastings. “We’re meeting regularly from now until December to get a rough assembly cut, to see whether we need to do any pick ups and to get a feel for what we have, before we get The Architect segments shot in February. But prior to then, we’re be hitting some UK sci-fi and horror conventions that we’ll be announcing soon.”

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The films is composed of  segments tied together by the narrator, known as the ‘The Architect’. The segments are titled ‘The Lady in Grey’, ‘The Witch in the Mirror’,’The Vampyre’ and ‘The Diabolique’.

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‘The House of Screaming Death’ stars Charlie Clarke (Jenny, The Lady In Grey) ,Andy Simon (The Lunatic, The Lady In Grey) ,Tom Loone (John Proctor, The Witch In The Mirror), Sha’ori Morris (Lily Proctor, The Witch In The Mirror), Kiah Reeves (Sophia, The Witch In The Mirror), Chris Lines (The Solicitor, The Witch In The Mirror), Tony Gibbons (Johny Hawthorne, The Witch In The Mirror), Cameron Moon (The Solicitor’s Assistant, The Witch In The Mirror), Sarah Gain (Elizabeth Proctor, The Witch In The Mirror), Brett Dewsbury (Thomas Burlington, The Vampyre), Theresa Roche (Doreen, The Diabolique), Richard Buck (Frederick, The Diabolique) and Craig Edwards (Sam Campbell, The Diabolique).

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‘The House of the Screaming Death’ is set to release in 2016.

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